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The Leverage Network Inc.

The Leverage Network (TLN) is a unique organization solely dedicated to increasing the representation of African Americans in Executive, Governance and Entrepreneurial roles in healthcare.

Our mission is to promote the advancement of African American leaders to key decision making roles in the health care industry.  As America becomes more ethnically and culturally diverse it will be essential that health care organizations and systems better reflect the populations they serve in an effort to effectively meet their health care needs.  Having the ability to serve people with different values, beliefs and perspectives will not only be a pressing business imperative for the health care industry but will also have a direct impact on the health disparities we continue to experience in this country.  We live out our mission through leveraging the influence of Executive leaders in the industry to empower a change in the limited representation of African Americans in key Executive roles.

TLN is committed to changing the dynamic in three focus areas, 1) increasing the representation of African Americans in Executive Leadership positions (C-Suite and two levels below), 2) increasing the number of African Americans holding seats on the boards of major healthcare organizations and 3) increasing the number of major healthcare contracts held by African American entrepreneurs.