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Value Proposition

TLN’s Value Proposition For:



  • Leveraging “real life” experience and expertise of African American leaders to help mentor and position potential candidates for leadership and governance roles
  • Ability to provide a safe environment for candid, authentic conversation regarding diversity issues and concerns
  • Leveraging influence of successful African American executives to help change the conversation about diversity in healthcare
  • Providing a “circle of influential networks” for professionals aspiring to senior leadership and governance roles


Corporate Partners

  • Ability to access key industry leaders to share diversity initiatives that align with your organization’s strategic vision
  • Identify diverse candidates and entrepreneurs to help meet organizational goals
  • Opportunities to partner and sponsor educational, research and mentoring activities to further the diversity agenda
  • Ability to showcase corporate diversity initiatives aligned with the TLN mission and vision



  • Promote and enhance opportunities for African American businesses to healthcare organizations
  • Facilitate opportunities to showcase African American owned and operated businesses
  • Establish a registry of qualified African American businesses to increase awareness and accessibility