Healthcare Board Initiative (HcBI) Program

$1500 Per Year

What Is The Healthcare Board Initiative (HcBI)?


The Healthcare Board Initiative (HcBI) is a premier executive development program that enhances the preparedness of Black executives for governance roles in the healthcare industry.  Seasoned executives will emerge from this six-month experience with greater tools, resources and relationships to provide active, informed and independent guidance on their board journey.  As an executive member you have the ability to qualify and participate as a cohort in the HcBI – Power of 3 program which includes:

  • A Six-month fellowship governance curriculum
  • Two 1 ½ day Governance Summits with virtual and 1 on 1 sessions
  • Access to select Healthcare Board Initiative (HcBI) sessions
  • Participate in select webinars conducted by HcBI partners
  • Unique networking opportunities with HcBI thought leaders, influencers, speakers
  • One on One networking with participating Cohort members and colleagues

How We See You!

Participants of the Healthcare Board Initiative (HcBI) Program are Senior Executives (C-Suite/EVP or equivalent w/ 10+ Years’ Experience) enhance organization performance by ensuring diversity of thought, perspectives and experiences. This class is also charged with holding their boards accountable for establishing a diverse membership that can assist healthcare organizations in their ability to adapt to an everchanging healthcare.

What Are The Benefits?

Executive members gain access to:
  • Emerging research and data as related to board diversity within the healthcare industry
  • Receive industry research on executive level and board diversity opportunities for executives within the Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 healthcare / industry
  • Inclusion in a pipeline of executives who are actively promoted for healthcare board opportunities
  • Ability to qualify and participate in the Healthcare Board Initiative (HcBI) and cohort program (See HcBI overview below)
  • Ability to become a feature guest contributor in the Emerging Leaders program or speaker for the HcBI program. (See HcBI overview below)
  • Information such as webinars, presentations, and executive directory through the TLN ‘members only’ platform
  • Increased awareness and visibility through intentional networking opportunities from TLN networking events
  • Preparation to become advocates for health equity within your organization and the industry
  • Six (6) month curriculum
  • Two (2) full day Governance and Board Leadership Sessions
  • Two (2) Up Close & Personal networking dinner sessions with sitting healthcare and corporate board directors (post COVID)
  • Two (2) Governance and Emerging Trends webinars
  • Executive Coaching Session
  • Annual Recognition event
**Key Topics:
  • So You Want to Join a Board
  • Your Value Proposition
  • Building an Effective Bio and Brand
  • A View from the Director’s Seat…


** Key topics are subject to change