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The disruption in how healthcare is delivered coupled with shifting demographics in the United States is making the business case for diversity. As the population continues to diversify Healthcare organizations will need to determine ways to diversify their Boards to gain long term sustainability in a disruptive environment.


The Leverage Network’s programming is focused primarily on developing a pipeline of board ready executives for governance and board opportunities in the healthcare industry across all sectors. TLN has established a proven process that is strategic and intentional. The program model prepares, positions and promotes candidates for board opportunities.


Executive and Board Diversity in healthcare remains a significant challenge in healthcare.  The issue, however, is about far more than just the numbers. What we know for sure through research is that boards and executive leadership teams that fail to reflect the demographics of the communities they serve—especially by race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status—risk the exclusion of knowledge and experience that will better inform policies to improve patient care and community outreach efforts.  Thus our research explores the correlation between ethnically diverse leadership in healthcare organizations and their direct impact on health disparities. Stay Tuned….