Membership Overview

Leveraging Opportunities To The Board Room

The Leverage Network’s purpose is twofold:

  1. To ‘ready’ members for board opportunities across all sectors of the healthcare industry; and
  2. To influence the board selection process and increase healthcare organizations’ board diversity

Membership demonstrates the importance of board diversity and supports the business case for improved organizational performance. Membership also supports the human case, that by ensuring board diversity that better represents customers, patients and populations served we can impact health disparities and inequities especially in communities and populations of color.


  • Exclusive Board Development Sessions:
    Board Development Sessions provide networking opportunities for TLN members to engage and enhance their knowledge and skills and to meet Corporate global and national leaders. TLN members will stay abreast of key trends and issues within the healthcare sector as well as requirements for future board opportunities.
  • Healthcare Board Initiative (HcBI) Cohort:
    The HcBI addresses the strategic mission of TLN by preparing a cohort of active members for board opportunities, positioning them to enhance their visibility and access within the industry and working in partnership to help promote them for viable board opportunities.
  • Executive Women of Color Summit:
    The EWOC Summit is an annual professional leadership and Board Governance conference designed to increase the representation of African American/Black women on Boards and to enhance their leadership journey.  The Summit brings together some of the most dynamic, influential and successful women in healthcare and corporate America to share candid, authentic conversations and lessons learned with our guests.


Individual Membership

  • Demonstrated achievement in career field/organization
  • Senior level role within organization (C-Suite/SVP or equivalent)
  • Education, experience and competencies to make significant contribution to governance
  • Personal attributes and interpersonal skills that contribute to sound working relationships
  • Expertise ideal to govern in a transformational environment include but are not limited to:
    • Finance/Business Accounting
    • Strategic Planning/Visioning
    • Technology/Data Analytics
    • Managed Care/Payor Strategy
    • Quality and Safety
    • Previous Board Experience is desirable (Does not have to be a major health organization)


  • Individual Membership – 1 year commitment

    • $1,500/year

  • Cohort Participation – Six (6) month curriculum
    • $500 additional fee


  • Committed to increasing diverse representation on Boards within their organizations
  • Supportive of TLN’s Mission and Vision for diverse Governance and Board roles
  • Willingness to participate in TLN programming for Executive members
  • Actively participate and engage in networking events
  • Partnering with TLN to promote qualified board candidates


  • Charter Partner – 3 year commitment

    • $150,000/year

    • $100,000/year

    • $50,000/year

    • $25,000/year

  • Corporate Membership – 1 year commitment

    • $10,000/year

Membership Process


Potential members must meet established criteria. If you meet the membership criteria prospective member must:

  1. Complete and submit membership application form accompanied by resume, bio, and executive photo;
  2. Provide two (2) letters of recommendation from your organization and/or a Senior Healthcare Executive;
  3. Be approved by the Membership Committee; and
  4. Satisfy the member fee requirement based on membership type.   


  1. TLN will schedule discussions with potential Corporations and Institutions to discuss TLN programs sponsorship and membership level.
  2. Potential members must submit an application for Corporate/ Institutional Membership.

Apply To Join

Complete and submit an online membership application form accompanied by a resume, bio, and executive photo by clicking “Join Now” button below or download one of the fillable pdfs.