The Leverage Network (TLN) utilizes its HcBI program to build a robust pipeline of talented, well-prepared Black executives through the Power of 3. P3 is a three-part strategy established to prepare executives for board opportunities through training and executive coaching; position them for greater visibility within the industry through access to an influential network of individuals and corporate partners; and promote them for viable healthcare board opportunities.

Seasoned executives will emerge from this six-month experience with a greater number of tools, resources and relationships that they can employ in their governance roles, providing them with active, informed and independent guidance on their board governance journey.

The HcBI program is meant for tenured C-level executives with the title of executive vice president or equivalent who are committed to enhancing organizational performance by ensuring the consideration of diverse perspectives and experiences and advocating for board diversity. Research demonstrates that organizations with diverse boards have greater performance and outcomes.

Recent TLN research found that only 9% of healthcare board members across four major sectors are Black. Although 28% of healthcare board members across the nation are women, Black women hold just 3% of board seats.

The Curriculum:

  • Two full-day in-person governance and board leadership sessions 
  • Two “up close and personal” networking dinner sessions with sitting healthcare and corporate board directors 
  • Four emerging governance and emerging trend sessions led by industry thought leaders and content experts 
  • “A View from the Directors Seat,” featuring sitting nonprofit and corporate Fortune 500 directors 
  • All culminating in our annual recognition event!

 $1500 fee includes one year TLN Membership.