Viewpoint: Who’s in the room where it happens will define our post-pandemic healthcare system

Early on in the COVID-19 crisis, we were told that this infectious disease is “the great equalizer.” It knows no geographic boundaries, doesn’t care what your politics are, and kills people from all walks of life. More recently, though, another truth has emerged: People of color, particularly blacks, are far more likely to die from the coronavirus than whites — a stark reminder of the social inequities that plague our society.

“Good Directors Understand How and Where They Can Add the Most Value.”​

John W. Rogers Jr., the chairman, c0-CEO and chief investment officer of Ariel Investments, has decades of experience serving in boards, including McDonald’s, Nike and The New York Times Company. He shared compelling insights about how to be an effective director and building cultures of diversity with me and David Reimer, the CEO of Merryck & Co. Americas, an executive mentoring firm.

Inaugural Healthcare Board Initiative (HcBI)

The unveiling of our first HcBI Cohort event will be held October 11, 2016 at Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, NV. Minorities represent 32% of the patient population cared for in our hospitals, yet minorities only hold 14% of all hospital board seats, African Americans hold 9% of those seats.  How do we change the dynamic?  We…